Friday, July 27, 2007

High School Football Is Back!!

Hi High School Football Fans,

Well, it's been a while since I've been on the blog, but now it's time to kick things into high gear as the high school football season is ready to go!

It all begins Monday, July 30th when practice officially begins in Alaska.

2007 will be a great year here at The High School Football Huddle as I try to provide a centralized location for high school football content.

I've actually been on the road for the last 30-days...a little R&R...and some work, and of course stopping by every high school football field I see taking pics.

The photos in this story are from what I believe could be the most beautiful high school football field in the's Geyer Field at Laguna Beach High School in Laguna Beach, California. Look closely at these can see the Pacific Ocean off to the west. Yes, every bleacher seat has an incredible view of the water.

Anyway...let me know what you're looking for on this blog and I'll try to provide it.

Please feel free to write me at with your suggestions.