Sunday, August 07, 2011

John McKissick & J.T. Curtis Closing-in on Milestone Victory Marks

by Jeff Fisher
High School Football America

When it comes to winning high school football games there are no better at it than John McKissick of Summerville High School in South Carolina and J.T. Curtis at John Curtis Christian in Louisiana.

McKissick and Curtis are #1 and #2 in America in the "W Department", and heading into the 2011 season, both are closing-in on some big milestone numbers.

McKissick, who will be coaching his 60th season, is 14 wins away from his 600th career victory.  The leader of the Green Wave brings a record of 586-138-13 into the season.

In order to become the first coach in America to reach the magical #600, McKissick's squad will need to be perfect...meaning the Green Wave will need to reach the state championship game, which would be the team's 15th of the season.

In the meantime, Curtis is just eight victories shy of the 500-win club.  Curtis, who's father founded the school in the early 60's will be coaching his 43rd season this year.

Curtis' record is an incredible 492-52-6.

Three other coaches are closing-in on the 400-win club, according to the website   Robert Paroli of Seventy-First in North Carolina and Corky Rogers of Bolles in Florida each need one victory to enter the 400-victory club.

Paroli's owns a record of 399-190-13, while Rogers' resume is 399 wins, only 70 losses and one tie.

Al Fracassa of Brother Rice in Michigan is five victories away from #400.

Then there are eleven other coaches that could reach the 300-win club this season.  Below are those coaches:

Joe May, Nottoway, VA - 297 wins
Bob Lantzy, Utica Eisenhower, MI - 293 wins
Dwight Lundeen, Becker, MN - 293 wins
Rodney Walker, Persons, GA - 293 wins
John Outlaw, Lufkin, TX - 293 wins
Randy Allen, Highland Park, TX - 293 wins
Jim Algeo, Lansdale Catholic, PA - 291 wins
Reno Saccoccia - Steubenville, OH - 291 wins
Tom Nolen, Houston Lamar, TX - 290 wins
Alan Chadwick, Marist, GA - 290 wins
Tim Rimpfel, Cumberland Valley, PA - 288 wins

Finally, here's a look at the Top 10 All-Time Coaches by wins:

1. John McKissick, Summerville, SC - 586 wins
2. J.T. Curtis, John Curtis, LA - 492 wins
3. Larry Campbell, Lincoln County, GA - 447 wins
4. G.A. Moore, Jr, Aubrey, TX - 422 wins
5. Mike Smith, Hampton, VA - 419 wins
*6. George Curry, Pennsylvania - 413 wins
*7 Jack Holley, North Carolina - 412 wins
*8 Pete Adkins, Missouri - 405 wins
9. Robert Paroli, Seventy-First, NC - 399 wins
9. Corky Rogers, Bolles, FL - 399 wins

*Retired from coaching

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