Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Update: High School Football Scores

by Jeff Fisher
The High School Football Huddle

It's been another record breaking weekend for The High School Football Huddle as far as page views!!

Thanks to everyone that has been checking-in.

Aside from the fantastic numbers, Trish and I are moving closer to launching High School Football America. We're still shooting vignettes from around the midwest. Friday night we were in Burlington, Wisconsin...home of Tony Romo of the Cowboys, The Liars Club and Nestle's.

High School Football America ( will be launching on October 12th and later today we'll have a preview of Friday's homecoming game in Burlington that brought out some great tailegating food.

In addition to Burlington, which is 65-miles from our home base of Chicago, we've also visited Sheridan, Indiana; Paw Paw, Michigan and Woodstock and Oak Park, Illinois.

Also, just because it's Sunday, it doesn't me it's a day of rest for us, I'll be updating scores and stories throughout the day. Click on the links below to get news and scores from your favorite states.

High School Football Scores
Week of October 1-3, 2009

Alaska Scores Updated 10:00 AM CST
Georgia Scores Updated 10/4/09 4:47 PM CST
Kentucky Scores Updated 10/4/09 10:30 AM CST
Nebraska Scores Updated 10/4/09 1:40 PM CST
New Hampshire Scores Updated 10/4/09 4:00 PM CST
Pennsylvania Scores Updated 10/4/09 4:50 PM CST

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