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42 Days and Counting

by Jeff Fisher
High School Football America

It's official, High School Football America is coming to Southern California with a radio show on KLAC-AM 570, which is Fox Sports Radio's flagship station.

We made the announcement (see news release below) in partnership with the folks at KLAC last week. The new show called High School Football America - SoCal was immediately written about by LA Times Preps reporter Eric Sondheimer, who we look forward to having on the show on a regular basis.

The announcement marks the start of another chapter in my career as a high school sports journalist that began when I was 14-years old in Easton, Pennsylvania.  However, this is more than a career, it's a lifestyle that is fueled by my passion to tell the story of America through the lens of high school athletics.

The mission of the show will be to get back to the heart of journalism - storytelling.

I'm not going to bore you with what I've done to get to this point, but I thought it would be interesting to give my readers a look inside what it's like to create a show and a business from the ground floor in these tough economic times.  To say it's been easy or will be easy is an understatement.

Folks, this is real life here, not politicians talking about things that don't seem to make sense to the average person trying to make it from one day to the next.

Some of the things I'll be writing about may seem mundane, but believe me, there's no "off switch" in my life now.  Every minute of every day is filled with real life experience that comes with starting a company.

As my late grandfather would say, "I'm getting my master's degree from the School of Hard Knocks!"

BTW...I don't think there's a better degree out there...sorry Harvard, Stanford, etc. :-)

So with all that being said, we landed in Los Angeles this afternoon, 42 days away from our first radio show on August 11th.

The mission in LA?  Begin interfacing with KLAC officials to develop the show and also meet with perspective sponsors and advertising executives.

The first tidbit about being an entrepreneur - you gotta get creative to make sure start-up expenses don't eat you alive.

In our case this week, we have wonderful friends in Sherman Oaks who insisted we stay in their their guest house, thus keeping expenses down.  Our friends Lois and Chip have been awesome supporters since the first day we met them back in 2006.

The best part?  They have an incredible backyard with a pool (see pic above) that allows us an outside office that definitely doesn't suck!

Friends are a huge part of the entrepreneurial support system.  Take for instance my friend of 30 years, Steve Williams, a lawyer in New Jersey, who was able to magically put his talents to work to find us a west coast law firm that would be creative with our cash flow needs.  Steve also doubles as a cheerleader and someone who won't hesitate to jab me, if I get too cocky.

Another friend, Damien Lewis of Clocker Shade Productions, has played a key role by getting us our very first meeting with KLAC's Don Martin.  Damien is someone that we can always count-on for honest analysis of the situation.

Another tidbit we received about being an entrepreneur, came from my first investor - "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."

Good advice when it comes to calming the nerves as you try to raise nearly a million dollars in an economy that tends to make you shutter when you read the newspaper or watch CNBC.

Capital raising isn't for the faint of heart!

About a year ago, one well respected financial guru told me, get your money raised before the fall, because there is a lot of money on the sidelines.  He then cautioned me about what would happen if I hadn't raised it during the summer and President Obama was re-elected.

It went something like this - "If you don't have your capital in-place and President Obama is in-charge for four more years, you'll be a business owner in the middle of a financial holocaust...are you ready for that?"

I'm not saying this to get into a political debate.  I'm just saying that these are some of the uplifting things you're told along the way...LOL!

So for now, it's time for us to make some dinner, toast with a bottle of wine for the next 42 days ahead.

With no off-switch, the lights are on and we're open for business 24-7.

Oh, and if you're reading this and you're an investor, boy, do I have a great story to tell you!

News Release


Los Angeles, CA - June 28, 2012 – High School Sports Entertainment (“HSSE”) announces its new high school sports talk radio show, High School Football America – SoCal, hosted by high school sports expert Jeff Fisher on KLAC-AM beginning August 11, 2012 at 10:00 PM.

In addition to the KLAC-AM radio show, HSSE will offer Southern California high school football fans a multi-media experience via a special section on our website

“We’re excited to come into the Los Angeles and Orange County high school sports scene with a show that will enhance the area’s coverage of high school football for players, coaches and fans,” said Jeff Fisher, Show Host and Co-Founder of High School Sports Entertainment.

"We are very excited to bring Jeff and High School Football America to AM 570 Fox Sports LA,” said Don Martin, General Manager and Program Director of KLAC-AM.  “High school football is a very important part of the fabric of every So Cal community and it's time to give it the attention that it deserves."

High School Football America – SoCal will serve as a lightning rod to promote positive stories about student-athletes showing how high school football serves as a bond for community togetherness,” said Trish Hoffman Co-Founder/Executive Producer High School Sports Entertainment.  “High school sports give us a snapshot of our communities. With our partnership with KLAC, we’ll shine a spotlight on the robust family experience at these games throughout Southern California each week.”

High Football America – SoCal
August 11 – September 29, 2012. 
Saturday Nights
10:00 PM – Midnight
**Show Date Changes To Friday Nights**
October 5 – March 29, 2012
10:00 PM - Midnight

High School Sports Entertainment will also produce a high school basketball show, High School Basketball America - SoCal, that will begin on KLAC-AM just before the December holidays and run through March 29, 2013.

About High School Sports Entertainment
High School Sports Entertainment (“HSSE”), a multi-media company, is the umbrella company for High school Football America, High School Football America – SoCal and High School Basketball America – SoCal.  HSSE delivers original high school sports content through internet, social media, radio, television, on-site activation and The Write Way, a 501 C 3 not-for-profit.  For more information on high school football go to

KLAC AM 570 Fox Sports is not only the Flagship station for the Los Angeles Dodgers, they are also the Flagship station for the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Kings, UCLA Bruins and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Broadcasting since 1924 under the call letters KFPG, KMTR and finally KLAC, they are one of only a handful of stations established in 1924 that are still on the air.  For more info go to


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