Monday, March 10, 2014

Football Americano - Week 5

by Chris Salvi
Free Safety, Torino Giaguari
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Chris Salvi's photo from Muzeo Egizio
Started my week off with a visit to the Egyptian museum in Torino called Muzeo Egizio.  It's actually considered one of the best in the world. 

Lots of interesting things to look at and read about throughout the museum.  Not only was it a good time, but it only cost 12 Euros ($12.64)...what a deal! Going to one of the museums or attractions in Chicago usually costs upward of 30 dollars. In case any of you find your way to Torino, I suggest the Egyptian museum.

On to aspect of football that I want to be involved with here in Italy is that of a returner on special teams.  Maybe I wasn’t qualified for that position at Notre Dame, but I am excited to step up to that role here.

I will have the opportunity to be the punt returner during Saturday night's season opener against Milan.  I have never returned a punt before in my life during a game, so I called up the "master of punt returning", a good friend of mine and former teammate Nick Lezynski. 

Nick went through all of summer camp practices without dropping a single punt - the only person competing for the job to do so, I must add. Unfortunately, Nick runs a 4.8 forty-yard dash, so they didn’t give the poor guy a chance to make things happen in a game.   

Nick is now a graduate assistant at University of Connecticut and he has a football IQ through the roof. He bestowed some serious punt returning knowledge on me, so I am confident going into the game.  Punt returning is not easy, but it's a challenge I am happy to accept.

Last week ended with a practice that emphasized a lot of special teams. As someone that truly appreciates the influence it has on the game, I am happy we are working hard on special teams. This will show during the game when it matters most.  

The execution of both the offense and defense has become crisp and game ready. Now it is time to become game tested. 

We are less then a week away from this test and the excitement is starting to build. The whole team seems to be anxious to get to the game...anxious but focused. 

From what we saw last week the Rhinos are a quality opponent.  We know it's going to have to take a complete game. That’s why these last few practices are going to be important. The way we have been practicing lately, I expect the next few to be no different.  

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