Thursday, September 03, 2009

High School Football America: The Road Show Pulls into Sheridan, Indiana

by Jeff Fisher
The High School Football Huddle

Well, Trish and I survived a crash of one of our hard drives this week, so it took a little longer to finish our Huddle Road Show piece on Sheridan, Indiana from last Friday, but here it is. Sheridan, the nine-time champs, lost to Hamilton Heights 20-3, but that's not what The Huddle Road Show stories are about.

The people in Sheridan were very warm and welcoming. When Trish finished chatting with quarterback Sam Zachary's grandmother, she thanked us for coming to her town and telling its story.

No...thank you Sheridan for giving us a relaxing Friday night in the heart of Hoosier Country!

Tonight we're heading to Paw Paw, Michigan to check-out the Redskins game against Gull Luke, BUT more important, Trish and I are going to figure-out what the heck a paw paw is??

Also, in the next two weeks, we're launching our new website High School Football America. will offer you the fans, more information on EVERYTHING that is high school football in America.

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