Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday High School Football Scores

by Jeff Fisher
The High School Football Huddle

Saturday was the best day of the season as far as the number of visitors to all our our blogs. THANKS!

It's not easy getting scores from all 50-states and DC, but it's my passion and I appreciiate the enthusiasm of our fans for The High School Football Huddle and its network of blogs.

Don't forget, High School Football America will be launching in 10 days, so keep checking for the lastest cool videos on small-town football. Trish and I have already visited Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania; Monroeville, Ohio; Paw Paw, Michigan; Sheridan, Indiana; Woodstock, Illinois and saw the first-ever night game at Oak Park River Forest, which played daytime football until finally flipping the switch two Friday's ago.

I will continue to update scores throughout the day today, just click on the links below for the latest.

Jeff & Trish

Alaska Scores Updated 9/27/09 12:25 PM CST
Arizona Scores Updated 9/28/09 12:10 PM CST
Colorado Scores Updated 9/28/09 9:00 PM CST
Connecticut Scores Updated 9/28/09 7:40 PM CST
Georgia Scores Updated 9/30/09 5:05 PM CST
Maine Scores Updated 9/28/09 11:00 PM CST
Massachusetts Scores Updated 9/27/09 8:40 PM CST
Mississippi Scores Updated 9/27/09 11:00 AM CST
Pennsylvania Scores Updated 9/27/09 11:45 AM CST
Texas Scores Updated 9/27/09 10:20 AM CST
Vermont Scores Updated 9/29/09 5:00 PM CST
Wisconsin Scores Updated 9/28/09 11:45 AM CST

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