Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Two Ohio High School Football Players Become Entrepreneurs to Pay to Play Football This Season

by Jeff Fisher
High School Football America


Parma head football coach Rob Cyr may have two of the most committed high school football players in the country!

Above is a story run by FOX 8 on Parma football players Patrick McDonough and Patrick Juhn, who have started their own lawn care business to help defray the cost of playing high school football this year.

With the economy wreaking havoc with high school sports programs all across America, some districts have decided that "pay for play" is the way to go.  Meaning players will pay for the right to wear their school colors and battle for state championships.

According to the FOX 8 report, McDonough and Juhn have started All Around Lawncare to try to raise $600 each this fall to play football, rather than asking mom and dad for the money.

Kudos to the guys for going with good ol' American ingenuity to play high school football this year!

If you live in the Parma-area and want to help the boys, you  can call All Around Lawncare at 440-521-8653 or via email at reachmcdonough@yahoo.com.

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