Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Huddle Road Show Starts Friday

by Jeff Fisher
The High School Football Huddle

For the past two years, The High School Football Huddle has consisted of me getting my girlfriend/business partner Trish Hoffman to agree to post scores and stories throughout the week, but more importantly she gave-up her weekends for the success of The Huddle.

600,000 page views later...and as things kick into high gear this weekend...I've convinced Trish to join me as a contributor. So for the next several months, we'll be taking our video camera and our producer Amy Kulerski on a road trip to travel throughout the midwest to give you the fans, a look at some of the more interesting high school football towns in middle America.

This isn't a journey to find THE BEST TEAMS, but a journey to find THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL COMMUNITIES!

We're taking high school football back to its roots! To small towns that live for Friday nights. So please join us out every Monday for a new video story.

Also look for Trish's Bet You Didn't Know This column that looks at the happenings away from the the cheerleaders, the bands and other fun facts, that will make you say..."I didn't know that!"

The Huddle Road Show begins this Friday when we travel to Sheridan, Indiana to find-out why the town, winners of nine state football championships, put a comma after the team's last championship in 2007. We'll also introduce you to Larry "Bud" Wright, who's in his 44th season as head coach at the school and Indiana's all-time winningest coach.

If you think you're town has what it takes to bring The Huddle Road Show to town, write us and tell us why at

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