Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"The Turnaround": Coronado Week - Things are Heating Up!

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Coach

Lubbock Westerners' trainers Pep (left) & DJ (center)
Photo courtesy Carolina Kopp
It was a hot one today - nearly 130 degrees on the turf. Talk about building character and mental toughness. You could feel the heat coming up from the turf through your shoes. I'm sure everyone was suffering out on the field today, but I can write about it now, so it really isn't complaining. I am just relaying information, I guess. 

It was Tuesday practice; the first day of running through the game plan full speed. Tuesdays are a little slower. I am more concerned about getting it right on Tuesdays. We will get to a faster pace tomorrow.

The great thing about today was we got a lot healthier. Some key guys returning to the fold after missing time since before our scrimmages. We are creating a lot of depth. They say in baseball you can never have enough starting pitching. Well in football, you can never have enough depth, especially up-front. Our trainers, Pep and DJ, have done a great job getting us ready. They open-up at 7 a.m. for treatment and rehab. They approach it like a Division I program. That is a great mentality to have.

Right now, it is status quo for us. We are just rolling along, doing what we do. Tomorrow we will up the tempo and get more team reps going. Special teams looked good today, too. They were flying around. We made every PAT today again too. Really pleased with how Bryan Roberts and Brandt Martin have improved our kicking game. Kicking is a major focus for us.

I heard old Coach Moody getting after it today, too. He and Coach Toliver have the defense amped up. We did some pass rush work today, which always livens up practice.

Let's see what tomorrow brings... Wednesday is always our best practice day! Looking forward to it...

Stayed tuned for a photo blog...

Jeff Fisher's Editor's Note: I'd like to thank everyone who read Monday's blog about Coach Strunk's relationship with Coronado head coach Kent Jackson.  It was read by thousands of people, which shows how much Coach Strunk's look inside the program is becoming a daily read.  If you'd like to follow coach on Twitter, go to @WestTXCoach.

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