Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"The Turnaround": A Winless Career...So Far

by Jason Strunk

Every day at practice you learn something new about your team and kids. Sometimes, what you learn, makes you shake your heard.

Jared Tovar, our starting right tackle, was talking with me Tuesday at practice. I said to Jared, "Aren't you tired of losing"? After giving me an emphatic "YES", he went on to reveal something to me that I had never thought about. To say I was stunned is an understatement.

Tovar said, "Coach I haven't won a game since 8th grade. I have not won a game since playing middle school football, coach". I was blown away. That means that Jared, in his fourth year at LHS, has not won a single game since he arrived on campus. It blows me away. When you hear things like that it really drives home the point of what we are trying to rebuild here.

After practice, in our post practice meeting, I had Tovar stand up and tell the team what he had told me. When he was done, I said if you haven't won a game since 8th grade, please stand up. With that we had about 10 players stand up. I was shocked by the amount of player's who had not won a game since 2008. As I said before, this just reinforces everything we are doing and here and what we are working for! We will get these guys the wins that they have worked so hard for. It is just a matter of time!

Practice was ok today. I want to see more intensity tomorrow. Tuesday's are kind off slow, due to install and other factors. Today should be a more energized session.

During practice today we put WR, Bam Jackson up against Coach Willingham for three plays of 1-on-1. Willingham won rep one. Jackson came back and absolutely schooled Willingham on the next two reps. It was a great three-minute period. The players loved it. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with interjecting a little fun into practice. Keep it fresh is the way to operate, in my opinion.

Wednesday is upon us.... Let's see what Wednesday brings...

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