Thursday, September 06, 2012

"The Turnaround": One Day to Coronado

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Coach

Rex Fuller, Lubbock Class of '62
talks at team dinner
L-R Bam Jackson, Layven Armendariz, Joe Rivera
Bart Reagor, guest speaker at Team Dinner
It is now 9:15 P.M. and I am finally sitting in my office with some down-time. The best part of my day is when it is all cleared out and I am able to sit down and focus on what I need to do. It has been a crazy day; it has been a crazy week, for that matter.

Thursday's are used as a mental focus day or us. We practice in helmets and work on game simulation. Our staff preaches mental sharpness and clean team reps. Special Teams get good work in on Thursday's as well. We just kind of tie-up all the loose ends and make sure the player's are tuned into the plan.

After today's practice, I felt it was one of the best Thursday practices I have ever been apart of. When I say one of the best ever, I mean anywhere I have ever been, just not at LHS. There was something in the air today. A sense of calm and steely-eyed demeanor. There is nothing else I can really elaborate on with it. The feel today was just impressive. Nothing wrong with feeling good about yourselves the night before a big game.

Thursday Media Luncheon

Every Thursday we have our Media Luncheon at Jones Stadium, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. A catered buffet, good crowd, all the media and surrounded by a great set of head coaches from the other three school's in our district. It is a good time. Talk about doing things the right way. Texas high school football is big time. Since I coached at Purdue, I have a pretty good sense of what big time is. Texas is big time! I wouldn't trade my job for anything. It is a true joy being here.

The atmosphere, like always, was light. There is no tension in the room. Good natured ribbing is one of the main courses. I will be talking about these luncheons as we progress through the season. Not a whole lot of time right now.

Thursday Night Spaghetti Dinner

Every Thursday night is special. It is team dinner night. Spaghetti is always the main course. The kids look forward to it. The coaches do as well. It is an hour of sitting down and relaxing.

This is big to me because I consider this a large family dinner. It is all of us together eating and enjoying the night. It helps build team chemistry. We stress the concept of team here. Incorporating these dinners was part of our plan to increase team unity. So far it has been a hit.

After the team settles in, our guest speaker takes center stage. Tonight our sponsor was Schlotzky's and our guess speaker was Rex Fuller, a 1962 LHS grad. His main theme was that this city is proud and he is proud to be a Westerner. It is great to see alumni gradually coming back into the fold. 

After our speakers, we show highlights from the week before. The kids really enjoy watching the clips put together by Coach Maxfield. 

Once the highlight reel runs dry, it is time to eat! My guys can really down the food. Nothing better than a good practice and finishing the day with a great meal!

I need to get moving on some other things.... talk to you tomorrow! Sleep well, because I will not be sleeping at at all!!

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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