Monday, September 10, 2012

"The Turnaround": Keepin' it Loose, but Working Hard

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Coach

Lubbock Asst. Coach Brandt Martin keeping
it loose on Sunday
Lubbock Asst. Coach Brandt Martin keeping
it loose on Sunday
Sunday funday at Chapman Fieldhouse today. All day, all night, Lubbock Cooper film till your eyes bleed. If you don't love this job you would not survive. This isn't job where you can skate by. You need to be fully committed or you get swallowed up. Sunday's test your patience and dedication, especially following a 7-0 loss.

One of the worse Sunday's ever was when I was at Purdue. The day before Ohio State torched us 49-0. Terrelle Pryor lit up the scoreboard. It was an awful day. However, the next day seemed to be worse. When the AD meets you to watch film following a big loss, it makes your job difficult and uncomfortable. I will never forget that Sunday morning. It is a good thing for my staff here that I have not forgot that Sunday feeling following Ohio State.

I refuse to have an atmosphere like that at Chapman Fieldhouse. Don't get me wrong, I have my bad days (last Saturday was) but they are few and far between.

This Sunday was a good day for us. Good film work, great meetings and determined coaches. We also lightened the mood a little bit. There is nothing wrong with a little humor. We work from about 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. If you don't interject a little humor, you will go crazy.

Brandt Martin (a.k.a. Nitram, which is Martin backwards) is one of the guys on our staff that knows how to keep things light. He is a piece of work (in a good way). Great with kids. Great with the other coaches. His personality fits this staff well. Check out the pictures from yesterday to see how Nitram kept us rolling between meetings.

This is a big week for us. The kids had a great Saturday workout following the loss. Their mental toughness and attitude was right where it needed to be. No signs of self-pity. They want a win and they are going to battled every day until they get it. Great bunch of kids here that want to do well. We are going to keep the pedal to the metal around here. Hard work pays off. We have a big payday around the bend somewhere. 

Tomorrow is our Monday scouting report, meetings, practice and weight training. 

Let' s see what tomorrow brings...

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